Off the Bodies of Women...

I never knew I'd develop a taste for a single malt scotch. It's a drink that, like the process used to create it, "distills" flavours, time, memories, voices into a single taste. A singular yet complex melody which breathes and heaves on the tongue, coats the mouth in caramel and spice and jabs and soothes at the same time. It's a drink of dichotomy.

As a newbie scotch-lover, it wasn't my obsession with the amber spirit that drew me to the news that a German company G-Spirits had recruited naked models to promote their latest drop - it was merely the scotch-soaked tits on display. Which is exactly their point.

If you like scotch and balloon-breasted women you're the target market for this oh so witty and subtle campaign:

Screenshot of G-Spirits website.

Yes, according to their official website the G.Whisky No.1 is a 12 year old single malt which has gone through a very unique bottling process! It's been poured over the breasts of a Playboy playmate. Every single drop! If you can believe this.

Meet the very sultry Alexa Varga above, Playboy Hungary's Playmate in June 2012 who is just raring to get her breasts all wet with the scotch you'll consume. It's just you, the scotch, your lips and her tits. Sorry, shortcut that. It's just you and her tits.Your mouth on them.

To call this campaign sexist is an understatement. I think we're so used to women's bodies being the canvas for which stuff is sold, history is written and eyes are diverted to that something as sexist and crass as this barely registers.

I've always wondered what is the inherent pulling power or fascination with a naked female body. If you look at men and women anatomically speaking, yes most men are built straight up and down. Large shoulders, flattish chest, straight sides, narrow hips. It's all straight lines. While most women are the opposite. Breasts poking out the front. Round hips, buttocks that poke out the back. Curves. We have "lady lumps" as The Black Eyed Peas put it, and within these lumps there lies instant sexuality. Yes men and women naked can be beautiful and sexy. But the sheer blatancy that women's nudity is used is not based on a mature appreciation of their form. It's based on the willingness of people to cop a quick look.

Of course men have an appendage of their own that can "jut out" so to speak. But it's almost as if society regards men as ken dolls with nothing but an unmarked mound down there - penises are so rarely shown anywhere. I don't think that's because they are actually any more controversial than women's breasts or crotches, but because they are regarded as so, because most men aren't interested in looking at other men's penises. The media and advertising is set up for the pleasure of men, not women. It's still considered outrageous to show penises, yet breasts, buttocks and women's bodies are fair game. Most women don't want to see other women's bodies as advertising hooks. We're sick of it.

Interestingly Lady Gaga used her own body as the landscape for the promotion of her latest perfume, Fame.

Here's a female star, arguably at the height of her power and influence, deciding to use her nude form as the backbone of the potency of her perfume. In the picture she's a giant, her breasts, hips, arms a mountain for which smaller men must climb over. Even though there's many of them and only 1 of her, she still holds the power in the picture, her face up defiant, almost ignoring the men who resemble ants swarming a picnic rug. Her body is the brand here. It's what you're buying. She takes that literally; the perfume is  based on the molecular structure of blood and semen, based on her own blood, to literally have her on your skin.  It's an example of how getting as close to or owning a woman's body is how most products are advertised.

Using women's bodies to promote sexuality in advertising may be a widespread practice but I'm sick of it. We are not just our breasts. We are as complex as men. We need to be represented as equal to men and not as tools to sell stuff to them.



  1. and wouldn't the world be a vanilla place if suddenly men lost interest in looking at women, and more pointedly, women stopped being interesting in looking at women? The naked female body, or a naked male body for that matter, doesn't sell product. It's a hook, a pheromone to attract the target market. That's why feminine sanitary products are almost always sold around images of young, confident, out-going women who exude an air of assertiveness because their period is the least of their worries.

    Naked women appeal to men because that's how we're wired. It's as simple as that. What's on a man's mind at any given point in time? Sex, or a close derivative thereof. Sex sells, we all know that, so until we abandon a capitalistic consumer-oriented society, sex will continue to be used as a tool to drive sales.

    For the record, the only real scotch comes from distilleries in Scotland, and small ones at that, with a long history. Tits might be nice to look at, but they don't come close to a really good single malt


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